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Best Christian Movies of 2018 - Top Faith-Based Films of the YearIt is quite rare indeed that i watch a movie that I would recommend to other people, rarer still a movie on Mental illness that presents truth in such a Dynamic way best spiritual movies. There has been a few movies in the past, Including Angel Baby that looked at Schizophrenia, A beautiful Mind that looked at Schizophrenia, and now comes another extraordinary film, Thought Crimes by Executive Producer Jan De Bent. Let me discuss the film a little and open some eyes, hopefully enough that the medical profession that read this might investigate further by watching it and doing some of us Mentally ill a favor.

For 16 Years I have suffered what doctors label as Schizoaffective Disorder, which for those who don’t know it, is a combination of both Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. It seems in Heaven’s lucky dip I was a real winner to be blessed with not one, but two very debilitating Mental illnesses. For 16 years I have suffered to try and get a good grip on my mind and be able to control it like any other person. I have succeeded in this, however few people know that I have, or have the courage to admit it.

The biggest tragedy of being mentally ill, is that the medical profession by in large are ignorant of the Supernatural world. What I say is a voice of Jesus Christ speaking to me, is what they call an auditory hallucination. To understand that term more completely, they are saying that even though I think Jesus (i. e. the Messiah who lived, died and was seen again resurrected on the third day), is speaking to me, that he really isn’t and I am making up the voice in my own mind. Essentially they are saying that i am speaking to myself and both making up what Jesus is saying with one thought of mine, and then I am responding to that with another thought of mine, in something I say. Basically they are saying that i am crazy and out of my mind and living in a total delusion. Their only answer to this is to give me medication that they believe will make me less susceptible to this illusion.

The problem is not with me, the problem is with the so called scientifically trained Psychiatrists, who ignore millions of people’s testimony that a spiritual dimension exists in the world. And that there really does exist a God in Heaven, angels, and former angels that work for Satan, another former angel. Because of their adamant atheism, the blind refusal to believe in anything that cannot be proven by a scientific test, they miss treat and do great emotional and spiritual harm to the mentally ill. They discount the fact that many of the world’s greatest inventions and technologies were birthed by people with very clear and well defined spiritual beliefs, and the testimony from these inventors that the original thought for the invention was credited to have coming from God Himself.

What they don’t know is that a person with Bipolar Disorder gets ideas come to his mind that are outside of the bounds of modern knowledge and technology. They will often get an idea that seems absolutely absurd, and which the world’s inhabitants with their limited knowledge, say is impossible. The Bipolar can be absolutely right with the idea, and the idea could possibly work with enough thought and backing by people. Although unfortunately most people with Bipolar are stigmatized by the general public, and therefore lack support, and added to that can be so debilitated by the illness that they suffer that they never get into the mind space to actually birth the idea into reality. Jesus Christ himself was called insane. He was said by the religious authorities of His day who were able to recognize spiritual phenomena to be possessed by Satan himself! He was so good at His healing, and was such a profound Teacher, that His popularity had Him slaughtered by a people whose Religion was being seriously threatened. Yet a billion people on earth now follow His humble teachings. It is amazing that one crazy prophet in ancient Israel could have such a great effect of the population of the world. Yet in His day even He was called insane.

More insane however, is the scientific community who trains the modern Psychiatrists of the world, who though an adamant refusal to have faith in the unseen world, miss treat their patients who are often traumatized by very evil voices. I am not sure that the doctors really know that by telling their patients that they are delusional and not really hearing real voices, is doing massive emotional and spiritual damage to the people that they treat. I hope what I have to say, here and what the movie says in its content might break through this wall of resistance that they have to the Supernatural things of this world.

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