How to Maintain Perfect Small Group and Church Communications Using Voice Broadcasting Software

In today’s hyper-hectic world, small groups, civic organizations and churches have a difficult time maintaining steady communications with their members, particularly when they need to get the word out quickly. If you’ve been in the loop on such issues, you know that no matter how hard you try somebody always fails to get the word. But there is a solution to this problem.

Now you can contact any group of people –of any size–quickly, easily and inexpensively. It’s called voice mail broadcasting, or voice broadcasting for short, and it’s the most immediate and inexpensive way to maintain communications with your member list available today. Modern voice broadcasting software is simply “the” premier communication software for use with any small group, church or civic organization.

Voice broadcasting is not a new technology, but in the past it was very difficult to use and prohibitively expensive. You were required to spend thousands of dollars on hardware and undergo many hours of training. However, the latest voice mail broadcasting communication software is entirely web based , meaning that it can be used from any computer equipped with a standard web browser. The associated costs are extremely reasonable and, better still, it’s easy to use!

Communication with your small group, church, civic or business organization was once an onerous chore. But no more. Now it’s fast, easy and even inexpensive – if you use the latest voice mail broadcasting communication software. You can:

1. Broadcast notices, reminders and announcements to your group in a matter of minutes!

2. Reach thousands at once, and easily automate donation, solicitation and fund raising activities!

3. Announce upcoming special events to your group with the click of a button!

4. Notify members of news, emergencies and changes as soon as they happen!

5. Use the system to make regular reminder calls for ongoing group activities!

With the latest in voice broadcasting software, small group communication is now easy! The phone tree is a thing of the past. No longer is the valuable time of staff members and volunteers tied up with nonproductive activities, and you can be sure everybody gets the word! If someone doesn’t “get” the call, the software will leave a message for pick up later.

Lest you think email is the solution, think again. With the advent of spam filters and Internet Service Providers blocking emails they “think” are spam, your critically important message might not get through – or it might go into a Bulk folder, where it doesn’t get read for days, if ever. And to state the obvious, not everybody has a computer, wants to learn the computer or is around one all the time. But people are always near phones, right? Most people carry one with them all the time now, and many of those won’t accept emails. Use the voice mail broadcast system to be sure your message gets through.

Doubtless you’ve tried phone trees, or worse yet, 프리미어중계   assigning the task of calling the entire group to some poor individual. While this can work, it keeps staff or volunteers from doing other, far more productive things.

Sending snail mail is obviously not a rapid solution, nor is it really cheap. Stuffing envelopes and licking stamps is, again, not the best use of members’ time when something as immediate, inexpensive and easy-to-use as voice broadcasting is available.

In this day and age of constant distraction and mind-numbing media over-saturation, the best way to get the word out fast is with the one method that guarantees you’ll have their complete and undivided attention –and that method is still the reliable old telephone. But for the reasons given above, this is difficult and often impossible for even small and church group communication, not to mention communications to far larger groups and organizations. But now the tool that solves this problem–voice mail broadcasting software–is available to make the job easy, inexpensive and immediate! Check it out!


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