Scuba diving in Seychelles and Coral Bleaching

Seychelles - United States Department of StateSeychelles is a group of 155 tropical islands scattered around almost one million square miles of sea in the Western Indian Ocean. It is well known for its gorgeous تور سیشل white coral-sand beaches but its underwater beauty and abundance of fish is still relatively undiscovered and unknown.

Scuba diving in Seychelles is as good as ever. People are talking about “coral bleaching” and coral dying in Seychelles like it were a new phenomenon that somehow should be stopped and reversed if possible. That’s because people are not being given all the facts especially by those who should know better. Coral bleaching is only nature’s work in progress. And those that have been diving around these islands for 10 years or more know differently. And it’s not all bad.

But some scientists may have their own agenda. So you end up not knowing all the facts. Put in a nutshell, the death of corals has been happening for thousands of years in Seychelles. As Charles Darwin put it best, it’s all about evolution, survival and adaptation. Do corals die? Absolutely, but should we be concerned? Definitely not! Not in Seychelles anyway. The ultimate for exclusive luxury hotels in Seychelles must be those occupying their own splendid islands – places like Fregate, Cousine or North Island. Fregate Island Private boasts seven white powder-soft beaches fringed by magnificent tropical forest, and just 16 luxury villas, with every whim catered to by a private butler. If dinner in one of the two restaurants doesn’t suit, why not dine in the tree-house, in a banana grove, on the beach or perhaps in your own villa.

If 14 villas sound a bit too crowded, there’s always North Island – the epitome of barefoot luxury in Seychelles hotels, with 11 elegant villas crafted from local stone and wood, and all situated just yards from a powder-soft beach. The chef will meet with you individually to craft a menu catering to your tastes and preferences. And, of course, your villa will have dedicated butler service. The Seychelles are a beautiful archipelago of 115 islands that are scattered in the Indian Ocean, just Northeast of Madagascar. A popular destination for many tourists around the world coming to enjoy the stunning beaches and azure blue waters, the islands offer plentiful accommodation, from peaceful island lodges to large luxury resorts.

Planning a trip to the Seychelles has never been easier. With many direct flights now from locations all over the world, travelling to the island – either directly or via another destination – is practical and affordable. This means that every traveller to the area can take more time to search for the ideal luxury hotels in the Seychelles and plan their holiday activities.

Instead of staying on one island in the Seychelles, you may well decide to island hop, reserving accommodation on several different Seychelles Islands throughout your trip. This may be a solution if you plan to do as much sightseeing as possible – Praslin, the second largest island boasts rare species of flora and fauna, whereas Mahé has 65 stunning beaches.

Once you have made a decision on which islands you would like to stay on, it is time to narrow down a selection of standard or luxury hotels in the Seychelles to stay in. As many come to the islands for their honeymoons, business trips and anniversaries, it is unsurprising that the selection of luxury hotels in the Seychelles is huge. Equally worth mentioning is Seychelles accommodation that includes a variety of choices to cater to all levels of clients. Of the Seychelles accommodation, perhaps the most preferred is four star and five star hotels, which in turn are a perfect choice for those who want to spend their Seychelles vacation in a luxurious way. These hotels and resorts provide a variety of options to choose from like villas, suites, and guest rooms, all of which are complete with a spectrum of comforts including coffee and tea making facilities, IDD telephone, internet access, room safe, mini bar, and television with satellite connection. When it comes to facilities, they render a host of such as gym, fitness room, swimming pool, spa, restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines including Creole specialties, bars, and business centers with conference rooms.

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