Top Universities In South Korea Proffer Excellent Privileges To Its Scholars

Undergraduate - Undergraduate - University of LiverpoolWith advancement in technologies, studying abroad has become a matter of much ease. Amid other nations, more and more scholars prefer to study in South Korea keyword-Education News because of a plethora of reasons. South Korea is a technologically advanced society with large blue chip companies like LG and Samsung ruling the roost in high tech gadgets, electronics, mobile phones, etc. It is also the home for POSCO – the world’s third largest steel producer and Hyundai – a leading car manufacturing company.

Apart from high quality education standards at the top universities in S Korea, one will also avail the chance of laying his/ her hands on a plethora of outdoor pursuits on weekends and holidays. The lush green picturesque exquisiteness of South Korea will also prove a favorable and positive environment for healthy edification. South Korea is also renowned globally for being a safe, people friendly and hospitable country amid assortment of foreign students. South Korea has some very high standard of living amid Asian countries and is Asia’s fourth largest economy.

Some of the multiplicity of courses and disciplines that top universities in S Korea proffer its scholars are: – business, engineering, international relations, economics, traditional arts, literature, sports, cultural anthropology, and a lot more. Apart from the multitude of benefits that you will avail of study in South Korea program, the most advantageous facet is that you will procure a chance to be at the front position when it comes to flourishing international business.

The presence of the top notch companies also promises handsome chances of laying your hands on some imperative internship prospects after completion of which your résumé will have escalated value and eminence. The average tuition fees for various courses usually range from US$ 5, 000-US$ 6, 000 per semester. The cost of living in South Korea is in the order of US$ 1, 500 per month and essentially includes your accommodation, food, utility and other miscellaneous bills. There are also horde of scholarship and fellowship options to sustain your edification aspirations pertaining to study in South Korea.

Some of the most sought after scholarships in S Korea are: – UWS International offers UWS International Exchange Scholarship, Council of American Overseas Research Centers(CAORC) which offers 2009 Critical Language Scholarship Program, Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) offers Peter Wollitzer Scholarships for Study in Asia, Hanyang University which offers Awards for Academic Excellence, Hanyang University offers International Buddy Scholarship, The Blakemore Foundation offers Blakemore Freeman Fellowships for Advanced Asian Language Study, California Colleges for International Education (CCIE) offers CCIE – Korea Scholarship, and a lot more.

Some of the names when it comes to renowned and top universities in S Korea are: Ajou University, Andong National University, Chonbuk National University, Chonnam National University (CNU), Chung-Ang University (CAU), Chungbuk National University (CBNU), Chungnam National University, Dankook University (DKU), Dong-A University, Dongduk Women’s University (DWU), Dongguk University (DU), Dongyang Technical Institution, Ewha Womans University, Gwangju University, Hallym University, Hongik University, Inha University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Pohang University of Science And Technology (POSTECH), Yonsei University, etc. It is a well known fact on this date to everyone across the globe that besides depicted as the best dreamt honeymoon destination, Switzerland is even considered to be the most sought place for studying by millions of foreign students. Dedicated and aspiring students from the entire world have countless hopes and expectation to enjoy the education atmosphere that can be possible while one cares to study in Switzerland. Excellent learning environment and the global outlook that this land can offer is overwhelming not only for the students but also for their concerned guardians and parents. The neutral and politically understandable life that the natives lead, have always attracted students and individuals to study in Switzerland. The opportunities in parallel with the varied educational course are high and diverse in Switzerland and such an aspect automatically offers an easy picking for any desiring student to study in the same. Students have shown their insatiable curiosities to enroll their names in any of the top universities in Switzerland with a hope to accomplish their academic dreams into a reality. Situated at Lausanne, the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) is one of the two prestigious Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology; that confers bachelor degree in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Environmental Sciences & Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Architecture, Life Sciences & Technology, etc. With an outstanding research record ETH Zurich is a science and Technology University standing tall since it was established in the year 1855. Besides, 370 professors in 16 departments, 20, 000 people from 80 nations are some of the factors as to why this university is considered to be the best in providing work place for research and studies. The International Hotel, Tourism and Culinary Management Institutes (IMI), founded in the year 1990 and Lucerne University of Applied sciences, established in 1997 are always included amongst the best universities in Switzerland where students dream about studying.

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