Two Rejection Proof Ways to Approach a Girl

My goal with this article is to give you two default ways to approach a girl. If you can’t think of any ways to approach a girl you like on the spot, you will have two easy-to-implement tactics in your toolbox.

There are a number of ways to approach a girl, but I wanted to start you off with the most rejection proof method that I could think of. If you’re like most guys you probably suffer a little bit from approach anxiety. The fear of rejection from girls is very real and can play havoc with a guys confidence. This is why when I was thinking about different ways to approach a girl I decided that the Hiroshima opener would be the safest and most fun for you to apply.

Before I get in-to the details of this method, let me give full credit to its creator Brad call girls in islamabad Jackson. Brad developed this technique and it was recently voted best approach by the pick up artist community. This is a great default technique for you to go to, whenever you go out.

There is an overwhelming reaction to this opener with some pick up artists calling it “fool-proof”. I think you’re really going to love this opener. It’s one of my favorite ways to approach a girl. So how do you do it.

It’s simple. Before you go out take a piece of A/4 paper and simply write the words “wish you were here” on it. When you get to your destination be on the look out for a group of women that look like there ready for some fun. Notice the body language of the group. If there doing shots, being playful towards each other, or swaying to the beat of the music you’ve found your group. Make sure they’re hot. The reason it’s one of my favorite ways to approach a girl is because it literally breaks the defense of the hottest girls.

Approach the group in a confident friendly way that matches their energy and say “you guys look like fun, I need your help with something”. Begin to pull the sign out of your pocket and tell them how a friend of yours blew you and your friends off to go on a first date with some girl he met on the internet. Tell the girls that they look like good representatives of the city or town you’re in. Ask them to hold the sign up for a picture on your cell phone so that you can send it to your friend and show him what he’s missing out on.

If there is someone there to take the pic jump in the picture with the girls. If not just take the pic yourself. When you’re done tell the girls, “You guys rock. I have to get back to my friends now, but if you see any hot girls in here send them over to me OK.” From there you can either continue to build attraction or return to your friends.

The number one reason that this is one of my favorite ways to approach a girl is because after a while you build up a great portfolio of you with groups of hot women. Upload the photo’s to your Facebook profile and use them as social proof. You won’t regret it!

Have fun with this. The worst thing that can happen is that you meet some new friends.

The second opener I’m going to introduce you to is called the opinion opener.

An opinion opener is really an indirect way of talking to a group of women. The most famous one is the who do you think lies more, men or women? Another way of putting this is who do you guys think cheats more? The question must seem natural and you must have a reason for why you are asking. For instance, when I use the “who do you think cheats more?” opener I usually have a story about how a friend of mine just found out his girlfriend of 1 year was cheating on him. I’ll add some juice to the story by saying that I spotted the possibility early and we even had a falling out about whether his girlfriend would do that to him or not. Adding more spice and drama to a story around girls is always more entertaining for them. You can always use a false time constraint at the beginning of the opener i.e.”I can only stay a few minutes ladies but before I go back to my friends, I was wondering if you could help solve a debate we were just having about women”. This lowers the girls defense and allows you to slip in under the radar.

There’s a tremendous opportunity in this opener for continual interaction and if things don’t feel right, you can just say, “thanks for your opinion,” and return to your friends. Then just rinse and repeat.


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