World Of Warcraft Money Making Tips

In the world of Warcraft, gold is the unit of virtual currency used to buy various items from other players and merchants. World of Warcraft money can be used to buy things such as weapons. Without gold you will be lacking in weapons necessary for success.

1. Look at guides that give you tips and advice on increasing the amount of World of Warcraft money ( gold ) you can earn per hour.

2. Humanoids have a predisposition for dropping a decent amount of items and gold, so disposing of these in the game can pay dividends.

3. Get a profession. Skinning allows you to kill creatures in the game and skin them. You can then sell these to other merchants or players to earn extra money.

4. Another profession you may wish to consider that is potentially lucrative is mining. You can then collect various ores such as copper and tin which can be made into bars and sold on.

5. Fishing is yet another skill-set that can be used to Buy wow gold make good world of Warcraft money by hunting the fish that are in demand such as the oily blackmouth.

6. The auction house system can also provide you with a tidy profit. Just put the item you wish to sell up with a buyout price. People don’t really like to wait around so they may take out the item on offer for the premium price rather than wait until the end.

7. Check items for sale at auction regularly to get an idea of what they ‘normally’ sell for. Look out for people offering items at ‘fire sale’ prices. Purchase them and then re-list them to ‘flip’ the asset and make a profit by selling the item at a higher list price to make more World of Warcraft money.


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